Online Programs Attendence Verification

August 11, 2011

Effective 7/1/11, DOE has added definitions related to “academic attendance” and “attendance at an academically-related activity”. If your institution counts “logging-in” as enough to warrant online attendance, you need to take not of these changes. No longer is simply logging into an online class sufficient to be considered attendance. In addition, students must demonstrate participation in the class by, contributing to a threaded discussion, uploading an assignment, or contacting the instructor, for example.

For complete information, visit the Federal Register at:

The main lesson from a down job market? Stay in school. As long as you can.

Sep 16, Washington Post. By: Anthony P. Carnevale

With the unemployment rate hovering above 9 %, today’s job market is bad for everyone. One group does seem to fare better than the rest, however: The jobless rate for workers with a bachelor’s degree or better is just 4.3 percent, compared with 14.3 percent for high school dropouts.

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