Online Development

Designing successful online programs that are engaging for students is not an easy task. Many times, schools make fatal mistakes during the initial development and rollout of their online programs. So often, the readiness of the students and preparedness of the faculty is overlooked. Additionally, managing online faculty, student services, and service providers requires a different approach. ECS offers services to assist you in designing or redesigning your online and hybrid programs so that your results and student outcomes meet or exceed those of your on-ground courses. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to somebody that can.

Online Campus Development

  • Research and application support.
  • Development of an academic and technology project plan.
  • Assistance with selection of an LMS, eBooks, and curriculum resources.
  • Faculty and staff training.

Academic Resource Development

  • Creation of catalog language, handbooks, forms, disclosures, rubrics, etc.
  • Development of compliant policies and procedures related to online instruction.
  • Product knowledge training for the Admissions.
  • Establish systems to efficiently interact and track online students.


  • Evaluate your online programs to determine if they must comply with state authorization guidelines
  • State Authorization planning and prioritization
  • Application assistance