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Frequent questions

Does ECS charge by the hour?
ECS is available on retainer, by the hour, or by the project depending on the client’s needs.

Is ECS licensed and insured?
Yes. ECS is a New Mexico based Limited Liability Corporation. All consultants are insured.

Does ECS provide Admissions consulting?
Education Consulting Solutions can create a customized electronic Enrollment Agreement that is state compliant, as well as other forms to support admissions. ECS does not specialize in Admissions consulting. However, with over 50 years of industry experience, ECS knows many Admissions specialists and will refer you at no cost.

What is programmatic accreditation?
Programmatic accreditation is also called specialty accreditation and relates specifically to a program or industry. ECS has consulting specialists with expertise in the following programmatic accreditations, most of which are in the medical industry: ABHES, ACAOM, CoARC, JRCERT, AVMA, ABA, AAMA, NAACLS, NLNAC, and CAPTE.

Does ECS provide faculty training?
Certainly! Clients can select a training from ECS’s extensive library or ECS will customize a training to meet your needs.

Does ECS have experience with SACS?
No, but most regional accreditors are very similar. ECS has consultants with extensive experience in assisting clients in obtaining or retaining accreditation from the following agencies: ABHES, ACCET, ACICS, ACCSC, DEAC, WASC Jr., WASC Sr., HLC, and NEASC.

How quickly can ECS begin working with our school?
Usually ECS can begin assisting your school within 1-2 days of completing a consulting agreement.

Are you hiring?
ECS is always looking for experienced consultants to join its team. To apply, go to the Contact Us page and submit your CV.

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