Really..DOE is Pursuing GE through Negotiated Rulemaking?!?

Just when we thought it was safe to start focusing on the business of running schools and educating the disenfranchised, our industry received the news that DOE is pursuing Gainful Employment legislation through Negotiated Rulemaking in the fall.  Obviously their loss in the courts has not dissuaded them from finding another way to advance this backward legislation.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know our industry needs oversight.  There are still bad actors that give the private sector colleges and schools a black eye.  But rather than spending exorbitant effort to organize negotiated rulemaking sessions for GE, wouldn’t it be better to get the brightest minds together to talk about issues that really make a difference to students?  Transparency, transferability of credits, access to state education funds, and college to career preparation all come to mind as topics that would permanently improve the lives of students, graduates, and the employers and communities where they work.

Let’s dream of a time when purpose surpasses politics and the needs of the students is more important than DOE saving face.