Dr. Oranu Ibekie, MJS College School of Nursing and School of Business, Newly Accredited by ACICS on First Attempt

Jamie and Spring held our hands as we crossed the stream of accreditation. They made sure that under their watchful guidance, we walked across the stream, firmly dipping our toes in the wet mud of thoroughness, self-scrutiny and fine-tuned our processes to meet accreditation standards. In the end, they made the accreditation process a welcomed improvement on our processes, policies and procedures rather than a question on our competence, capability or curriculum. We highly recommend them and will keep them by our side for future accreditation visits.

Jeffrey Imbrescia, CEO and President, Douglas Education Center

What can be said of Jamie and Spring other than they are simply outstanding individuals.  As consultants, they have assisted and guided Douglas Education Center (DEC) in a variety of areas, such as delivering CampusVue SIS training, offering customized professional development, aiding in the launch of our successful online programs, and even providing accreditation support.  Every step of the way, they dedicate themselves in a way that is hard to come by.  I have been in the education field for over 26 years, and I have never had the pleasure of dealing with such an expert and caring team.  Jamie and Spring provide a service second-to-none.  To be always willing to go the extra mile as if your school was their own is something truly valuable in today’s world.  We have come to consider them as extended members of our DEC family, and the relationship we developed with them will continue for years to come.  They come with our highest recommendation.

Dr. Robert J. Wright, CEO, Wright and Wright Graduate University

They broke the mold when they made Dr. Jamie Morley and Spring Zutes of Education Consulting Solutions. In 35+ years of consulting and hiring consultants, I have never encountered the dedication to client success exemplified by Dr. Morley and Ms. Zutes in their efforts to support our school in the quest of accreditation. No task was too big or small for them and no hour was too late. Care and competence rarely come in such generous measure in the same package and they exemplify both in super abundance. Please contact me to give them a detailed reference.

Matt Johnston, President, Santa Barbara Business College

Jamie and Spring are not your typical consultants. They roll up their sleeves and help implement the solutions they recommend. We have used them for many projects including managing our distance education endeavors, reorganizing our financial aid oversight procedures, designing new academic programs, and preparing for re-accreditation. I would highly recommend them!